Mission Statement

Save Me A Dance

The conclusion to dance is gratitude.

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of Save Me A Dance is:
To preserve, to teach, study and promote various dance forms, art and related music.

To provide a place that is inclusive and safe for dance, music, and social gathering.
To hold events with live or recorded music which preserves these art forms.

To create and promote a sense of community by providing quality recreation and dance events
and thereby create a sense of connectedness and wellbeing in the community.

As a 509(a) Non-Profit Private Foundation, we strive to bring new life into the local dance
communities while honoring and respecting the art of dance. Thanks to many patrons we are
able to preserve and promote various forms of dancing. This includes but not limited to Folk,
Contra, English Country, Swing, Balboa, Ballroom, etc.

We are able to support local and
community musicians when possible at our events. Your donation is greatly applicative since
we are small Non-Profit organization.

EIN: 84-3984873